Work in Norway – Get to know Work in Norway now

Work in Norway – Get to know Work in Norway now

An innovative Norwegian website specifically designed for mobility and work, very handy for all stakeholders.

One year after its launch, the Work in Norway website has received visits from more than 200 000 people from almost all countries of the world. Specially designed for migrant job seekers, workers, and employers in Norway. The website provides basic information on all issues related to international mobility.

Those interested in living and working conditions in Norway can find information on everything from job search and housing to workers’ rights and recognition of professional qualifications. In addition, the site contains links to other websites that are of interest to migrant workers, like tax authorities, labor inspectorates, and the immigration service.

The Work in Norway website is the result of the cooperation of several interested parties. Responsible for the specific modules on occupational mobility is EURES in Norway. According to Almedina Jahre, EURES Coordinator in Norway, this project is an innovation handy for all concerned. “The main goal of EURES is to provide right and easily accessible information. By building this interactive, step by step, online guide, EURES advisers have added to their arsenal a powerful tool. Moreover, the website is user-friendly so that both employers and job seekers can make easy and ideal decisions about their mobility needs. ”

Proof of the effectiveness of the work in Norway’s website is that it now includes a section of the e-training program for all employees of the Norwegian Public Employment Service. Given the success of the new Mobility Website, both in Norway and in other EURES countries, like Denmark. The concept of the Work in Norway website is rapidly gaining a place in the best practices of EURES.

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