Work in Canada: Everything you need to know

Work in Canada: Everything you need to know

You will find exciting information about the country, information about job opportunities, salaries, websites to look for employment as well as other resources that will help you in your search for job opportunities in Canada.

Would you like to work in Canada? 

If you are searching for opportunities to work in this country, then during one season it is one of the most recommended options if you want to work abroad, learn languages ​​and get to know a new culture. For this, here is a complete guide with information to live and work in Canada.

Canada is a unique country in the world where migrants from different nations live. Located in the North American continent  (North America), it has borders with theUnited States, to the north with Alaska, and to the south with the rest of the country. It also has coasts on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The Capital of Canada is Ottawa, although the most populous city in the country is Toronto.

Something very interesting that happens in Canada and that can open the doors for you to access a job is that there are two official languages: English and French. An advantage for people who speak one of these languages.

As for Canada’s economy, it is characterized by its industry, technology, and energy. It is one of the most developed countries in the world with a per capita income of the highest.

Facts about Canada

  • Capital: Ottawa.
  • Official language:  English and French.
  • Form of government: Federal Parliamentary Monarchy.
  • Population: More than 35,700,000 inhabitants.
  • Currency: Canadian dollar.
  • Member of: NAFTA, Commonwealth of Nations, UN, OAS, NATO, APEC, OECD, OSCE, UKUSA, G-8, G-20.
  • Hourly use: UTC -3.5 to UTC -8 (in summer UTC -2.5 to UTC -7)
  • Activities: Industry, Raw Materials, Technology …

What opportunities are there to work in Canada?

There are many options to work in Canada. The requirements will vary depending on your country of origin. In fact, some countries have agreements with special visas to work for a season.

We cannot name visas for all countries, so we advise you to visit the corresponding website of the Government of your country to learn more about all the requirements to get to work in Canada.

Wages in Canada

The minimum interprofessional salary for 2016  in Canada has been set at € 1,261.4 per month, which is 15,137 euros per year, taking into account that 12 annual payments are considered. As you can see, it is one of the highest minimum wages in the world.

You will find all the information about salaries in this country here.

How to look for work in Canada

There are different options when looking for work in Canada.

Web portals to work in Canada

The internet has entirely changed the way people look for work abroad. Now, there are dozens of job web portals that offer job offers for professionals from all areas.

Below we have made a selection with some web portals where you can find job offers in Canada.

  • Linkedin – We could not ignore the social network to look for a job. Here you will find all the job offers in Canada that appear on Linkedin.
  • Canadajobs  – Here, you will find many job offers to work in Canada as well as information on how to prepare a resume or how to conduct job interviews.
  • Jobsincanada – It is a job search engine; you can search across the country or select by categories or cities.
  • Simplyhired – This is another job search engine used in Canada.
  • Employment options  – A job metasearch that groups the job offers that appear to work in Canada from various web portals.
  • Job Bank – This is a website of the Government of Canada where you can find job offers and information about the labor market.
  • Kijiji – It is another job seeker that you can use to find employment in Canada.
  • Workopolis  – One of the most popular job seekers in Canada.
  • Monster – This giant search engine is also found in Canada.
  • Jobbook – It is a job portal that connects people looking for work in Canada with the main recruiters.
  • Job-applications – Through this portal, you can locate the companies that are selecting personnel as well as search through different categories.
  • Eluta – It is a job seeker with technology to search directly on the employers’ website.
  • Engineers Canada – This is a dedicated web portal to search exclusively for job offers for engineers in Canada.

Employment Placement Agencies in Canada (Recruiting Agencies)

These are companies that help you locate a job as well as the paperwork. These will vary depending on where they are in Canada. Normally, these companies charge the employees and then make the payment to the employees.

An opportunity if you are looking for a contract in Canada. Here you can find a list of Employment Placement Agencies in Canada.

Career Centers to find a job in Canada

In Canada, there are a lot of Professional Centers. Many of them are associated with educational institutions and private companies, giving access to a large number of job opportunities. They usually offer advice that can help you find opportunities to work in Canada.

Contact the Companies that work in Canada

Maybe an old method that still works. It is about preparing a list of companies in Canada and contacting them to send them your CV.

Employment Portals of the Canadian Newspapers

Job offers also appear through local newspapers.

If you are already in Canada and are looking for a job, do not forget to read the classified section of the newspaper.

There are also free publications where job offers appear. You can find them in the subway or at local HRSDC centers.

Professional internships in Canada

Professional practices are one of the options we find when it comes to living and working in Canada. In addition, these are usually paid.

There are different studies and work programs that allow you to live in Canada for a while working in different areas.

If this is your dream, access the following link to learn more about the different options for internships in Canada.

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