Why Study Computer Science In Germany

Why Study Computer Science In Germany

The computer science course is one of the most popular courses in Germany. No wonder, since IT specialists are in demand in almost all industries and have a wide range of uses. Information technology is now permeating our everyday life and can be found in more and more objects. A computer science degree prepares you for work in a future-oriented and growing industry.

What course content can I expect?

The course content in computer science can differ significantly from one another. This is mostly because the universities set different priorities in their computer science courses. In principle, however, every Bachelor’s degree program initially includes the following primary subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Algorithmics
  • Databases
  • Software engineering
  • Communication technology
  • Programming
  • Business administration
  • Operating systems and computer architecture

In the further course of studies, you can focus on one or more subject areas of computer science. For example, you can choose from these subjects, some of which you can also take as part of an independent academic course:

  • Business Informatics
  • Applied computer science
  • Medical informatics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Media informatics
  • Technical computer Science
  • Navigation and environmental robotics

In the 5th semester, you usually have the opportunity to do a whole internship semester. In this way, you can gain your first practical experience during your studies and contact potential future employers.

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