Why study abroad?

Why study abroad?

Every year, the number of students applying for foreign universities for admission is increasing quickly. Whether it is graduation level education or post-graduation level. Generally, it is said to be a brain drain, but if it is thought carefully, then it is possible to grow in the career of the students. Therefore, we should also consider the bright side of studying abroad. Let’s look at some major advantages of studying abroad.

Advantages of Study Abroad

Admission gets very hard not

The admission process in India’s top higher education institutions is highly competitive, whether it is IIT for MBA or IIT for engineering. On the contrary, students with a better academic background and stable financial support are highly valued in foreign universities. The admission process of major foreign colleges or universities is difficult but there is no such healthy competition like India.

Availability of maximum options

The availability of maximum options behind the choice of studying abroad

That is the availability of different courses and career options. In addition to the popular options of the Main Stream (STEM Course – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), courses available in major higher education institutions in India are limited. This often makes students move towards foreign universities. In some institutes or universities abroad, quality education programs also offer specialized or less popular courses.

Quality of education

In India’s top colleges and universities, international level educational norms are not fully followed. Well, the quality of India’s higher education institutions is gradually improving and now they are also trying to meet the international standards of academic standards. There is still a lot of difference between the practical and theoretical studies, and the emphasis is placed on the theory, whereas on the other hand, foreign universities and colleges have adopted more interactive and participating methodology through case studies and experiential education. This leads to the proper development of the students and their interest in the study also increases.

Further research the opportunity

When it comes to research opportunities, then the Indian Institute of Higher Education is far behind with its foreign counterparts in this case. For Ph.D. programs in India

Financial support and resources are still not adequate. Even though most students still do not get financial support despite the desire and talent, research can not work. Compared to Indian University

Foreign universities receive a large amount of money for the development of research facilities and invest in it, which provides adequate financial support to the students and they can complete their research work.

Better jobs and careers of possibilities

The degree obtained from a foreign college or university makes the resume of a candidate more effective. If the students who have a foreign university degree are more likely to get job opportunities and good salary packages. Then more directly from the students of any of the Indian universities or institutes is more likely to be asked directly.

Immigration Policies

Due to the facility of migration abroad after studying from the foreign university. Most of the Indian students seek alternative study abroad so that they can get the facility to move forward further without any hassle. Especially students of the graduation level who are foreigners choose universities to study. Often in the country where they study, do the same job as well. Received very friendly immigration policies for students who study there to find employment upon completion of studies in many countries such as Australia and Canada.

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