What are the most frequent jobs for students in Australia?

What are the most frequent jobs for students in Australia?

In Australia, there are hardly any issues with work since they have an unemployment rate of around 6% and therefore the possibility of finding a job is very high. Working is a priority for those who decide to travel to  Australia to study, that is why today we tell you the most common jobs that most international students usually do to get income and cover expenses to stay in Australia.

What kind of work do you usually get in Australia, and why?

The jobs you can do will depend on your level of English (always at a how much higher level you have better, but if you have a low level of English, there will also be jobs for you) and the limitation of the student visa to work legally. There are endless possibilities of work that can be done, but today we will tell you the ten most frequent jobs of students in Australia.

How long does it take to find work in Australia?

The average time to find a job is between 2 and 6 weeks from your arrival/beginning of search in Australia. The time will depend on your level of English, the destination city, your qualifications, and your attitude towards work.

How many hours can I work with the student visa in Australia?

The limitation of the student visa to legally work 20 hours of work a week (40 hours/fortnight) and full time during your vacation and last month of the stay.

The most frequent jobs for students in Australia are the following:

Hospitality (hotel-restaurants-cafes)

Waiter, chef and cook, barman, pinche, dishwasher.

There is a lot of job offer, and it can be easily combined with classes. As a waiter, he takes care of taking orders and making sure that the clients are taken care of. In large stores, they sometimes hire the well-known ‘runners,’ who are only responsible for bringing dishes from the kitchen to the table without taking notice or interacting too much with customers.

Lately, it has become fashionable to hire people through catering companies. This staff moves it for events that are emerging as concerts, weddings, football matches, and also food trucks. 

Salaries are around $ 17- $ 22 New Zealand dollars an hour.

Festival Staff

There are many festivals in the cities, and people are usually needed for different areas of the event, be it assembly, bar, food, cleaning. Therefore, these jobs are usually casual and help as an extra complement to the work during the normal workweek

Barista (expert in making coffees)

Australia has a great coffee culture, and Australians love their coffee of all shapes and types (Espresso, Double Espresso, Short Macchiato, Long Macchiato, Ristretto, Long Black, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Piccolo Latte, Mocha, Affogato)

The Barista (expert in making coffees of all types) is in high demand in the country. It has its techniques, and you have to be quick to satisfy the customer. If you learn to be a barista, you will start earning money soon.  

Flyer Delivery

It is a very easy and easy job to do since you can choose your schedule. The salary is linked to the number of brochures that you are able to distribute, which normally must be very high so that the salary is worthwhile. Another variant is to distribute free newspapers, which here in Australia are widespread.


If you have a low level of English, the work of cleaner will be ideal, since to clean, you do not need advanced English. The good thing also about this type of work is usually, it is usually very well paid (between $ 20 and $ 25 per hour). If you are lucky, you will work in an office building, hotels, schools, or universities where work is quite bearable. The schedules for this type of work are usually early in the morning or already in the evening.

In this sector, there are many students who ride it on their own. There is a lot of demand, but it is usually quite hard work.

Removalist (removals)

The work of removalist is a good job for anyone who is strong and physically prepared since the days can be long, but it is a job that can be achieved even without any experience. You usually work in pairs and start as offsiders (helper), helping the driver move the junk from the house to the new address.

Some moving companies also transport furniture from stores to their buyers, which is much more bearable. Salaries in this sector usually go for $ 18 – $ 20 Australian dollars per hour.

Deliveries (deliveryman)

With the international license, you can drive cars and vehicles of up to 3.5 tons, enough to be hired as deliverymen with both a car and a small van. The salary is around $ 20, and if the work is at night, it goes up to around $ 25.

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