Universities in New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand has very important and highly recognized universities internationally, 8 in total, 6 of which are among the top 500 worldwide and 3 of them among the first 200. The universities are:

 The University of Auckland:

A leader in research and within the top 100 in the world.

 AUT University: 

Despite being the newest in the country, it excels in Tourism, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design. 

 The University of Waikato:

Stands out mainly in Arts, Music, Biology, Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, Business and Administration mainly, ideal for those who like physical activities because it is the largest sports center in the country.

 Massey University:

Leading research school in the areas of Food Engineering, Development, and Biotechnology. One of the most important for its number of international students.

 Lincoln University:

Very important in everything related to ecology and the environment, in areas such as Agribusiness, Agronomy, Administration of Natural Resources and Soil Sciences. It has a large number of international students.

 Victoria University of Wellington:

A leading university in Nanotechnology and Research on Antarctica.

 University of Canterbury:

Its main areas are Research on Natural Disasters, Biotechnology, and Biosafety.

 University of Otago:

The ancient and one of the best with the largest campus in the country. It stands out in Medicine, Law, Arts, Natural Sciences and Biology. 

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