The five countries that have received the most foreign 

The five countries that have received the most foreign 

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience. Discover which country fits best with your interests:

  • Studying abroad is a fantastic experience. Discover which country fits best with your interests.
  • Mobility programs help students live an international experience. Choosing a country is one of its main challenges.
  • Spain is the preferred place for Erasmus students, thanks to the quality of life and the quality of education.

Erasmus mobility programs define Spain as the favorite country for European students to study abroad.

More and more students choose to study abroad. This experience helps them to meet people, get in touch with a new culture, and strengthen their knowledge of another language.

Students look for cheap countries with a high standard of living. Spain is the country that receives more Erasmus students from the European Union. The Mediterranean diet, lifestyle, and leisure possibilities are some of the great attractions of the Iberian country.

Destiny is one of the most difficult decisions on the part of international students. When starting their mobility programs, students question their best destination. They are looking for a country with a good quality of life, affordable for their pockets.

Choosing the country to study abroad is a difficult decision. Spain seems a safe value for European students. Germany, France, England, and Italy are also recipients of a large number of international students.

Choose the destination for your mobility programs

1. Spain

Good weather, street life, and a variety of universities help Spain to be the country with the most significant number of Erasmus students. The jougul and cheerful atmosphere of the Spanish attracts international students to pursue a year of higher education.

2. Germany

The quality and fame of German universities are the main attraction of the German country for international students. Many university students with Erasmus scholarships decide to spend a year in German cities. The lovely atmosphere of cities like Berlin and Frankfurt is an important claim for students from other countries.

3. France

French culture and language invite international students to spend a year in this country. French cities have a pleasant university environment. Students can meet people from all over the world while improving their level of French.

4. England

The importance of English, together with the prestige of British education, makes England an ideal country to study for a year of University. The English universities are among the most famous in the world.

5. Italy

The  Mediterranean countries are often the preferred international students. Italian food and the atmosphere in the street attracts many university students to Italy with the desire to enter the culture of the country.

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