Research study and operate in Portugal: discover just how to live legally in the country

Is it feasible to examine and operate in Portugal at the exact same time? This is a common question for foreigners who are mosting likely to university in the country and also intend to get a work to supplement their earnings.

To clarify this doubt, we elaborated this write-up with details concerning the Portuguese standards for this type of situation. Look into.

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  • Is it possible to research as well as work in Portugal?
  • Visas to examine and work in Portugal
  • New rules for researching and also operating in Portugal
  • SEF
  • Policies to follow for studying and also working in Portugal
  • Major Risks of Working Without a Visa
  • Tips

Is it possible to examine and also work in Portugal?

Yes, it is possible to examine and also operate in Portugal as long as you have the appropriate visa for it. Therefore, if your goal is to attend college, you must use for a trainee visa for Portugal.

If you can operate in the country, you require to report to the Immigrants and Borders Service (SEF) asap. After that the company will certainly update your brand-new condition as an immigrant in the country.

To examine and work in Portugal at the very same time, under the new Portuguese Migration Regulation, it is no longer required to look for a job permit by the SEF. In this instance, you should only notify the entity and send the requested files.

Visas to study as well as work in Portugal

Any person desiring to research in Portugal should issue a pupil visa at the Portuguese Consular office. With this paper in hand, your stay in the country will certainly be regularized.

However it prevails for some trainees to start working in the nation to earn a greater earnings or specialize expertly. In this scenario, the only procedure to do is to alert SEF about the new function.

Pupil visa update for job

Nevertheless, if you receive a long-term job deal from a Portuguese business, it is suggested to alter your trainee visa to a job visa.

Both the contracting company as well as you can execute this process. For this procedure, you should have Social Security registration as well as send the adhering to documentation:

  • Legal employment agreement ;
  • Valid residence visa;
  • Ticket or legitimate traveling document;
  • Request for application finished properly as well as authorized by the candidate;
  • Two current images, with a smooth history and also appropriate identification problems;
  • Statement showing holiday accommodation;
  • Evidence of ways of subsistence, according to Regulation No. 1563/2007, of 11/12;
  • Consent to consult the criminal record;
  • Evidence of TIN;
  • Paper confirming the uniformity of the social safety payment throughout the duration of exemption from repayments.

Check out the necessary documentation to get the visa for Portugal.

New regulations for studying and operating in Portugal

Till 2017, to be able to study and work in Portugal it was necessary to have consent from SEF (Foreigners and also Borders Service). This body’& rsquo; s major function was to ascertain whether the work of the university course worked with the job.

Until after that, this treatment was governmental and also lengthy, as it was analyzed instance by instance. Throughout this time, trainees ran out work and can lose job possibilities.

However, as a result of a modification in the Portuguese Movement Regulation, this procedure is no more required. Now pupils wanting to work in the nation need just to notify the SEF.


The Foreigners and Borders Solution (SEF) is a Portuguese public company that shows the legalisation of foreigners outside the European Union in the country.

As mentioned over, students have to notify the organization if they want to take part in paid job. To do this upgrade, papers such as:

  • Contract or assurance of an employment contract;
  • Evidence of enrollment in Social Safety;
  • Beginning of activity in Money if you are working as a consultant.

Scheduling at SEF have to be done in advance as the line is long. This process can be achieved in 3 various methods:


You can arrange a visit at SEF with the sector partnership channel at 808 202 653 (landline) or 808 962 690 (cellphone). The solution is held from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17:30.


An additional option is to schedule your time with the E-counter on the official SEF website. Simply check out the SEF website to make the visit.


If you are unsuccessful with the other choices, you can most likely to a SEF solution workdesk in Portugal. The ideal is to go early due to the fact that passwords run out quickly and in the sector, you will simply set up a time.

Rules to follow for researching and operating in Portugal

The very first policy you have to meet to study and also work in Portugal at the very same time is to alert SEF of your new problem. This will enable you to do both activities efficiently as well as without issues with the government.

The second guideline is that this possibility stands only for trainees registered in a college in Portugal. Senior high school students, with a visa to research in Portugal, can not work in paid work.

Although the nation does not set an optimal time frame for an international trainee to work, it is vital to be clear that employment is a supplement and also ought to not disrupt your work in college.

Major Risks of Working Without a Visa

Working without permission in Portugal is a high-risk situation. If the SEF inspectorate finds that you are functioning unlawfully, you may deal with permissions, and also you may still go to threat of not being paid for your work. Furthermore, the business may also be fined.

Likewise, immigrants functioning off-and-on in Portugal can not whine to the federal government. Besides, they do not abide by the country’& rsquo; slabor laws.

To prevent this from taking place, seek to regularize your scenario in the country, as well as go with severe firms that do not hire immigrants illegally. This is the best method to study and also operate in Portugal without having migraines in the future.


Examining and also operating in Portugal at the exact same time calls for correct planning. It starts before you show up in the country, with your authorization at a Portuguese college.

As the school year in Portugal begins in September, the choice procedures for undergraduate or postgrad programs begin at the start of the year. With the approval of the college, supply the paperwork to obtain a trainee visa at the Portuguese consulates.

Throughout this period, it is interesting to access work sites in Portugal and take part in some online selection procedures. Take notice of the work as well as go with those tasks that do not hinder your studies.

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