In the 1990s, the world’s universities unveiled a new academic background:

Tourism. Since then, this field of studies has been very successful, so much so that today there are interdisciplinary courses in new technologies that help expand the professional horizons of those who launch into this career. New Zealand, a country that has left the other behind, because it has gained high worldwide recognition in terms of studies in this profession.

The career in Tourism offers global knowledge to work in that labor market. The subjects taught include trade and tourism markets, economics, business management, history, cultural management, and foreign languages, where English appears as a secondary language and compulsory subject, while there is the option of taking one or more languages, among which highlight French, German and Italian, as optional. In addition, Tourism studies require professional practices.

Graduates in Tourism are highly qualified professionals who respond to the diversity, dynamism, and complexity of this sector.

General skills and qualities

1. Possess a great interest in cultures and countries.

2. Keen to learn about the customs, traditions, and lifestyles of others.

3. Know and respect the bases of customer service.

4. Ability to make a polite and friendly communication.

5. Be bilingual, know other foreign languages, ​​and have the ability to learn languages.

6. Ability to negotiate and sell.

 Employment opportunities

Studying tourism is a good choice. Because, in all countries of the world, it is the sector that generates the most employment. So, claim more and more professionals. Tourism is the economic engine of all societies. Therefore, making a career in tourism is compatible with safe work for life.

1. In the business world we know today as tours:

Guide a group of tourists through ancient and cultural monuments of a city or accompany a group of travelers to make landscape tourism.

2. In the hotel industry:

  • Administrator.
  • Accountant.
  • or Hotel manager

3. In travel agencies:

An own business, a small company at the service of travelers, airlines, and the global hotel industry. Afraid of the future that awaits travel agencies? Then, add to the contemporary rhythm. Take basic computer and programming courses in order to create a virtual agency.

4. Other jobs:

  • Promotions agent
  • vacation planner
  • Tourist guide
  • or leisure transport companies.

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