The South African Embassy only accepts visa applications from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00. The southern African embassy does not accept visa applications on Friday but the processed visa can be taken on Friday hours 08:30 to 12:00.

South African business visa requirements

1. Fill out the South Africa business visa application form.
2. All documents must be in English as a prerequisite for applying for South African business visa requirements.
3. The passport must have three blank pages; the validity period of the passport is not less than a month after the date of the visit.
4. The latest color photos and two photos sized as in a passport.
5. Booking tickets to Africa and proof of accommodation in South Africa.
6. Schedule trips during a visit to South Africa.
7. Letters of sponsorship from companies in the country stating that they will return to the motherland after a visit or letter from an African company stating that they will cover transportation, accommodation, meals, health insurance, and will repatriate citizens after the visit period.
8. Photocopy of ID / Passport of the person who made the sponsor’s letter or the African who made an invitation letter from South Africa.
9. The passport must be photocopied on all pages.
10. Proof of account for the last three months
11. For foreign nationals who will make a business visa for South Africa, they must attach original KITAS and copy of KITAS.
12. Yellow Fever original book and copy when going to Africa.
13. For children less than 18 years, they must attach a birth certificate, parents’ marriage book, a permission letter from parents signed together in front of the notary or front of the South African embassy staff.
14. Pay the South African business visa fee of Rp. 650,000 and visa processes around 5-15 working days.
15. Other supporting documents that visa officials may consider necessary. The application will not be accepted if it does not complete all the requirements above.

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