Scholarship Sources in Germany

Scholarship Sources in Germany

Public-private scholarship sources in Germany that not only financially support excellent students but also brings many other benefits. Private companies and organizations are participating in this program pay € 150 per student per month. In addition, German contributes 150 € per month. So if you win this scholarship, you will receive 300 € every month.

This scholarship is mainly offered for two semesters, but can also be granted for the entire duration of your studies. The funds for these scholarships are awarded by the government and private partners, but the universities are responsible for assigning them to their students. Therefore, universities are allowed to set the requirements individually.

DAAD scholarships:

The DAAD is a large organization whose aim is to promote the internalization of German universities by creating numerous financing and advisory opportunities for talented German and foreign students in Germany. Since its foundation in 1925, millions of international students have benefited from DAAD favor. In 2016, plus 131,000 German and overseas scientists financed their education with the help of DAAD scholarships. Today, they have an extensive list of scholarships available to international students.

Erasmus +:

The most extensive European exchange program for students offers some attractive opportunities for a limited semester or the entire degree program. German universities participate in numerous Erasmus exchange projects, and you too can use this path to finance your studies in Germany. Please note that some funds may not be directly available to you, but you have covered everything in Germany.

Privately funded scholarships:

Many private foundations grant a scholarship to talented and qualified international students who wish to attend a university in Germany. Usually, these scholarships are awarded to honor a highly respected German personality. In addition to securing the financial means for studying in Germany, bridges are to be created between intercultural relations.

Here are some private organizations that award scholarships to international students;

  • Max Plank Society research
  • Scholarship of the Heinrich Boll Foundation
  • DKFZ International Ph.D. Program

In addition, many universities share numerous scholarships with international students to help them and increase their attractiveness.

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