Registration formalities to study in Denmark, steps and key dates

Registration formalities to study in Denmark, steps and key dates

With the start of the academic year in September, the institutions have set the deadline to apply on March 15 of each year. If you wish to register for one semester only and start the new term in January. You will need to apply before September 1st.

1. The steps to study in Denmark, the registration procedures for universities (January-March)

Formalities to study in Denmark there is, unfortunately, no centralized system for applications to universities in Denmark, so you will need to send a file to each of the universities that interest you. Today, the majority of them allow sending the application file by the internet, which facilitates the understanding of the documents to send and the design of the file.

The deadline being March 15th for registration in the rules, send your records as early as January. To avoid any unforeseen such as an incomplete file. Know that if some universities accept students by asking them to take a language test later, most ask that this test is already included in the file … So take your language test before if possible!

2. The steps to study in Denmark, language tests (January-May)

For the majority of students, the advantage of Denmark is that it is possible to choose all its courses in English, the language is widespread. On the other hand, you will need to prove that you can attend classes in English, by choosing the TOEFL or IELTS test.

The minimum score required is often close to Anglo-Saxon universities with 6.5 at IELTS and 80/120 at TOEFL.

3. Answers from Danish universities (May-July)

You will receive the answers to the universities from May. If your file was complete upon shipment, you are more likely to receive a response in a shorter time. In the case of a refusal, the answers are multiple; it can be an insufficient file or a problem of quotas, the number of international students by establishments being limited.

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