New Zealand Student Visa: Step-by-Step 2020

New Zealand Student Visa: Step-by-Step 2020

One step is to apply for a student visa to study in New Zealand. These are the steps you will need to take in order to apply for a New Zealand student visa.

For international students wishing to study university or college education in New Zealand for more than three months. The candidate must have a New Zealand student visa. This visa is issued to students who have already been accepted for one of the academic programs of the University of New Zealand / college approved by the New Zealand corporate body (NZQA).

At the same time, the educational provider must be approved by the New Zealand Authority or the Ministry of Education in New Zealand.

This New Zealand student visa also applies to students who are listed on an approved student exchange plan. This New Zealand Student Visa is also available for students studying distance education with any New Zealand education provider and must come to New Zealand to take practical training, sit for exams or other requirements (there must be more than three) months in New Zealand.

Student Visa Application in New Zealand

Step One (1): Advisory session below

First and foremost, you need to consult a team of experts to find out about your options for study locations, available courses, and recommended institutions for your study.

Step Two (2): To accept the request

After your selection, you have determined how and why you want to do your research. The consultant helps you choose your university.

During the New Zealand study visa application. You need to submit various documents, including previous academic certificates, English language proficiency certificates, work experience documents, and passport copies.

The consultant will provide the same list of documents that should be submitted when applying for your visa. The average processing time of receiving a letter from 1 to 10 days depends on the institution and the course. Therefore, expect your letter of recommendation to go to the next step of your New Zealand student visa application.

Step Three (3): Medical Examination 

Once you have to get an offer from the school, you will need to undergo a medical checkup by one of the doctors approved by the Government of New Zealand.

An important list of those panelists approved by New Zealand can be accessed by clicking this link.

The consultant will help you to provide panel therapy. In the meantime, you must work for a police certificate shortly. 

Step Four (4): Select Visa

To apply for the New Zealand student visa application, you must submit the documents listed on the checklist. New Zealand Immigration Immigration Website.

In terms of your finances, it is highly suggested that you can use the FTS (Money Transfer Network) provided by ANZ Bank.

The benefits of using FTS are:

  • It ensures that students have access to sufficient capital to meet the cost of living in New Zealand
  • Applications offered under this scheme are not included in the evaluation of in-depth funds, thus reducing processing time.

Step Five (5): Payment Means

Once you have received your visa application, and when the consultant has informed you that you have received a visa from the new government. You must pay the first (1st) tuition fees listed in your proposal letter.

You can select to pay this fee through Telegraph (TT) transfer at this stage; those who use students as well as transfer their finances to the ASA bank account.

Step Six (6): Visa Results

We will inform you as poor as we understand the results of your visa so you can enter and collect your passport. In basic cases, this is a positive reaction and it means you can start a travel and accommodation plan for New Zealand.

Step Seven (7): Travel Services

The consultant can help you design a new student orientation in New Zealand. Insurance, currency exchange, and airline tickets can make it easier for us to study abroad!

Pilot Visa New University

If you want to study more than one program on a student visa, then the Pathway Student Visa Pilot Program is right for you. In this course, applicants will be able to study three suitable courses for three years on a student visa.

For example, if you take an English course, go to a one-year fundraising program and then take a course, all three courses are all one visa. But only one qualified consultant can guide you on this, who has a good knowledge of the student visa application in New Zealand and good expertise.

Mandatory Resource Requirements for a New Zealand Student Visa

Degree for Visa Student Student Visa – NZ $ 270 


The applicant cannot claim the cost of the applications if the authorities reject the student visa application for any reason.

Currency transfers are based on the proportionate fluctuations of the variables that are subject to change.

The cost of a visa application should change at any time.

Applying a Student Visa in New Zealand

When applying for a New Zealand student visa, you should remember the following:

  • To get your visa in the weeks leading up to your travel schedule, make sure your student has enough time to complete the application by completing the study.
  • Fill out your application form with all the exact details
  • When applying for a visa at the Visa Application Center, you must provide originals and copies of all supporting documents.
  • You must apply for a student visa.
  • You must not hide evidence in your application form.

New Zealand student visa privileges

  • Once you have obtained a New Zealand visa, you can return a visa to your home country for a time of more than five years.
  • All of your research is planned from the commencement, so the passage of courses (and providers) is far more extensive – allowing you to focus on your studies.
  • Also, in New Zealand, your education providers will help you complete your course until you complete your course. If you are studying from more than one participating institution on your way, then providers must provide care and education for you when you are in New Zealand.
  • Some courses allow you to work up to 20 hours each week and full time during vacations and/or summer vacations. If your first course is incorporated into New Zealand employment law then you can apply for a visa. And if it is only available for your second graduate program, then you should apply for a New Zealand immigration for different conditions before applying for a job.

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