Guide to work in Hungary

Guide to work in Hungary

Are you thinking of working in a European country but looking for something as different as attractive? Hungary may be the place you expect, a country that falls in love with those who discover it. Its unique culture, the beauty of its cities, and its situation in the geographical center of the old continent make it the perfect place for those looking for something else in Europe. The salary for international workers does not usually fall from 800 euros.

With regard to its situation, the Hungry borders on the north with Ukraine, on the west with Austria, on the south with Serbia and Croatia, on the southwest with Slovenia, and on the north in Slovakia. It should be noted that it has one of the most unique languages ​​in the world, as it does not share links with the Indo-European languages. This makes proficiency in English a decisive fact to perform work activity in Hungary, although knowledge of the local language is always a notable advantage.

The first thing that catches our attention in this country is its beauty, its architecture, its unique culture, very different from that of other countries around it. The warmth of the people and a certain Mediterranean character will surely surprise us very positively, a town that is worth deepening and in which we will feel at home.

The life that is breathed in its capital, Budapest, will more than compensate for its cold weather in the winter months. With the arrival of summer, people flood the streets, the terraces make their appearance, and the city is transformed. It is time to enjoy the other side, one that vibrates on the banks of the Danube at rhythms that, do not hesitate, will infect us.

Some Important Data:

  • Capital:


  • Official language:

Hungarian or Magyar.

  • Form of Government:

Parliamentary republic.

  • Population :

9,950,000 inhabitants.

  • Currency:

Hungarian Forint.

  • Time zone :

GMT + 1 in winter, and GMT + 2 in summer.

  • Activities:

Logistics center, tourism, the export of machinery, and manufactured products.

  • Main cities: 

Budapest, Debrecen, Pecs, Szeged, Sopron.

  • Religion:

Religious freedom, Catholic Christianity stands out.

  • Member of:


Job Opportunities in Hungary

To look for employment in Hungary, it is important to highlight the importance of European Union languages. In general, it will be decisive to have a certain command of the English language (vehicular in many companies). A second language, which can be perfectly Spanish, French, will improve our perspectives.

Many large international companies are based here, being the operational base from which they serve countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France, a field is full of opportunities that we will surely know how to take advantage of.

In general, the range of possible candidates to work in the Magyar country will be quite wide, although there is a certain predominance of vacancies for administrative work within an international context.

Documentation needed to work in Hungary

As a member of the EU, we will not have visa problems of any kind. Our national identity document and passport will be sufficient to register, facilities that must also be taken into account when emigrating.

If we are going to start the professional activity, we must register and obtain both the residence and a social security number, a mere bureaucratic procedure but necessary. For this we will be asked for a document that proves the address that will be our Hungarian address, the same property owner can provide them to us.

The only nuance to keep in mind is that although the process usually lasts around five weeks in total, it is not surprising that it takes time. In any case, in many of the companies, they will process the documentation themselves.

Wages in Hungary

The salaries for foreigners in the capital Budapest usually about 180,000 / 200,000 guilders on, to change around 700 euros. Taking into account the average cost of basic expenses, wherewith 150 euros we can pay the rent and expenses of an apartment in the heart of the city, the standard of living that we can develop is quite high.

The quality of life is one of the great points in favor that we should value when convincing ourselves to think of Hungary as our next study place, both personally and professionally, it will be very satisfactory.

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