Find a job in an oil company

Find a job in an oil company

Today, oil, one of the main energies and most fought energies, is an essential product for most industries and the source of wealth for some countries in addition to the cause of conflicts on many occasions. That is why it is still an industry where they require massive manpower to work in their different places as well as disparate and varied positions that can be filled, and salaries in these types of employment are usually very high.

From oil, we consume many products in our daily life such as fuel, chemicals, drugs, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, or plastics themselves.

For the manufacture of the different products, the oil industry includes global processes such as exploration to look for wells, crude oil extraction, refining, the process carried out to extract the different substances, transportation,  by means of oil ships or pipelines and marketing or marketing of the products. All this requires a great workforce for its set-up. Therefore, here we are going to tell you how to find employment in some of the companies or websites dedicated to the search for employment in the oil sector.

How to find a job in an oil company

Then you will find a list with some of the most famous oil companies as well as a website where you can search for job offers spread all over the world. The positions to occupy are very varied and of different levels of qualification so we will find positions for all professional fields.

If you are excited about finding employment in the oil industry, we have prepared this selection of employment web portals so that you can easily find your position.

1. Maersk Oil: 

It is an international oil and gas company with production operated of about 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. They produce oil and gas in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Algeria. Moreover, they conduct successful exploration activities in Angola, Norway, the Gulf of Mexico, Greenland USA, and in producing countries. Web of employment.

2. Oil Jobs:

 It is the job board dedicated to the oil sector in Mexico. On this website, you can find job offers dedicated to this sector and spread throughout the Mexican geography. Employment Web.

3. Statoil:

 Norwegian oil company Statoil, established in 1972, is the largest company in its country with about 17,000 employees. Employment Website

4. EY:

  A UK company where you can find vacant offers in several countries of the world dedicated to the oil sector. Employment Web. 

5. Saudi Aramco:

 This is a  Saudi Arabian company dedicated to the extraction of crude oil and which ranks among the first in the world. Its headquarters are in Dhahran. Employment Web.

6. National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC):

 The headquarters of this oil company is located in Tehran, capital of Iran, and is dedicated to the production and distribution of oil and natural gas. Employment Web.

7. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company:

 As the name implies, it is the national oil company of  Abu Dhabi, being a state company in the United Arab Emirates. Employment Web.

8. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation:

 It works in the areas of Burgan and the Neutral zone where important oil fields are located. Employment Web.

9. Petroleos de Venezuela SA:

 Latin America is another option to access the working world of oil platforms. You can find information about their job offers in the “Human Resources” section included in “About PDVSA” on their website.

10. Tullow Oil:

 British company dedicated to the search of oil and natural gas, based in London. Employment Web

11. Sonangol:

 The parastatal company that supervises the production of oil and natural gas in Angola. Employment Website

12. Shell:

 Anglo-Dutch hydrocarbons company that has interests in the oil, natural gas, and gasoline refining sectors. Employment Website

13. The Rompetrol Group NV:

 The Romanian oil company, which operates in a large number of countries throughout Europe. The group is active mainly in refining, marketing, and sales, with additional exploration and production operations, and other services in the oil industry such as drilling, EPCM, and transportation. Employment Website

14. Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (RECOPE):

 Autonomous institution of Costa Rica founded in 1961 that is responsible for the importation, refining, and distribution of fuels and asphalt in the wholesale country. That is, it manages the state monopoly in these activities since nationalization in 1975. Employment Web

15. Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Company Limited (Petrotrin):

 It is a state oil company of Trinidad and Tobago. Employment Website

16. Husky Energy Inc:

 It is an integrated energy company based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Employment Website

17. Imperial Oil Ltd.:

 It is a Canadian oil company based in Calgary, Canada. Employment Web.

18. Petroleos del Peru:

 It is a Peruvian and private law company dedicated to the transport, refining, distribution, and marketing of fuels and other petroleum products Employment Website

19. OMV:

 It is the largest oil production and refining company, and operator of service stations in Austria with important activities in other countries of Central Europe. Employment Web.

20. Pacific Rubiales Energy:

 Exploration and production company in the heavy crude oil and natural gas business. His attention is focused on Colombia and Peru, where he has numerous properties, including 38 blocks in Los Llanos, Sucre-Co Bajo Magdalena and Cesar, Rancheria, Alto, and Medio Magdalena and Putumayo Valley. Employment Website