What exams do I have to take to study in the United States?

What exams do I have to take to study in the United States?

To be accepted in a prestigious educational system like the American requires proving that you have the necessary knowledge. These are the exams that you must pass to study in the United States 

The prestige, as well as the recognition, enjoyed by American education, makes studying at a university in this country a more than tempting proposal for thousands of international students. If you are determined to go after your “American dream”, in this article we detail the most important exams that you will have to pass to be admitted to an educational institution in this country.

• Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

The purpose of this exam, proposed by the Chamber of Universities and Educational Testing Services (ETS), is to evaluate the knowledge that the student acquired during their secondary education. The exam consists of two types of tests: 


designed to assess both verbal and quantitative ability; and


​​designed to measure knowledge about specific topics.

• Test of English as a Foreign Language 

One of the most popular is this ETS test that verifies the level of English that international students who intend to continue their training in English-speaking countries master. TOEFL is made up of the following four instances:

– Listening.

 Evaluate the student’s ability to understand in relation to speech.

– Speaking

Evaluate the student’s English grammar knowledge.

– Reading. 

Evaluate the level of understanding of the student in relation to Writing.

– Writing. 

Evaluate the student’s ability to express himself in writing in English.

The first three stages are evaluated on a total score of 300 points, while Writing is scored independently.

• Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Also designed by the ETS, students who intend to study careers related to the area of ​​Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences must present themselves for this exam. Approving it will depend on overcoming the following three stages:

– Verbal. 

Evaluate general knowledge of English, as well as how they are used.

– Quantitative.

 Evaluate both math and geometric skills of the student.

– Analytical 

Evaluate the logical ability of the student.

Each of these stages is scored on a total of 800 points. The score to be considered approved depends on the regulations of the academic institution you intend to enter, although it is normal to always be above 500 points.

• Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

With a format similar to GRE, this exam aims to learn the linguistic, mathematical, and logical skills of those students interested in pursuing business administration programs, especially master’s degrees. This test has two significant peculiarities: the difficulty of the questions is adapted to the student’s performance, and the final result depends not only on the score obtained but also on the academic merits and the reference letters the student has.

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