Driver Jobs in Riaz Saudi Arabia

tDriver Jobs in Riaz Saudi Arabia

Riad, Saudi Arabia

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Full time.

Job Summary

The driver is responsible for driving vehicles to transport goods and materials to and from specific stations in order to help commercial operations.
key responsibilities:


Drive the vehicle to the station, according to the assigned timetable, and apply knowledge of driving rules, driving conditions, and the local road network.


Check the vehicle’s equipment or supplies as described in the checklist, regularly, ensuring that it is in a position to comply with the law and provide the Warehouse Supervisor with related documentation.


Check the load against shipping or delivery document to ensure that the correct cargo is transported and report any fault to the Warehouse Supervisor.


Load or unload goods in trucks, either by hand or using the appropriate lifting equipment and make sure that the loaded material is safe, placed in accordance with safety measures, and delivered to the assigned person.


Prepare delivery notes for collected or delivered and bill of lading cargo related to merchandise while ensuring that all relevant documentation is completed correctly.


Ensure that all legal documents of the vehicle are complete, legal, and registered in accordance with the law.


Keep a daily record of vehicles or trips in accordance with company rules.


Supervisor signature at each end of the day.


Transfer, round trip, documents between stores and the administrative office as requested

Qualifications, experience, knowledge:

• High School degree.
• Legal Driver’s license.


• Dutiful.
• Change and adaptability.
• Communication skills.
• Focus on the client.
• Drive and achieve results.
• Planning and organizing.
• Teamwork.

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