Canadian student visa: step by step procedures 

Canadian student visa: step by step procedures 

Universities in Canada are among the top 100 in the world, and more than 100,000 international students enroll in Canadian universities annually. So it is advisable to start the process of the Canadian student visa. Canada offers high-quality education, with an inclination towards research, recognized worldwide. The country is often recognized as one of the safest and multicultural environments suitable for international students.

Most Canadian universities are less expensive than in the US and the UK, which makes them even more attractive to students.

All international students have to obtain student permission and a visa before migrating to study in Canada. A student has to comply with the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Law and Regulations under standard conditions. The visa process takes a minimum of four to six weeks.

Canada student visa application step by step

Below are the step-by-step procedures for obtaining a Canadian student visa, provided in the content below by the qualified team. We recommend you to follow the steps and get the best information for the process.

Step one (1): apply for admission to a Canadian university or college

First of all, to study in Canada, you have to obtain admission approval (admission offer letter) from an accredited educational institution in Canada. There are several Universities and colleges in Canada that offer a wide range of programs and extensive facilities for their students.

The simple way to find the right education provider is to research the best universities or colleges in Canada that offer relevant courses and select some of them.

After this process, visit the website of the shortlisted universities and select the appropriate one in terms of:

  • quality of education,
  • classification,
  • program structure,
  • the program fee, and
  • other services for international students.

After the above process, complete the application form to the institution of your choice. In the admission application process, you will have to submit some documents. This contains the proof of your past academic qualifications, passport copy, and the proof of your English language efficiency. And then wait to get your offer letter.

Step Two (2): pay the tuition fee

After accepting your offer letter from the educational institution, you have to pay the tuition fee, as mentioned in the offer letter. You can make this payment via international bank transfer.

As soon as the institution accepts the payment and processes the tuition payment. The university or college will send you a receipt.

This payment receipt will be required to submit your Canadian student visa application.

Step Three: Purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

Students must purchase a special guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) from any of the participating banks such as SBI Canada Bank, Nova Scotia Bank, ICICI Bank, and CIBC Bank. For the amount of US $ 10,200 for the adjustment of living expenses for the 1st year.

Usually, two hundred US dollars ($ 200) will be deducted as service charges of the Bank (this charge varies on the Banks). The student receives the US $ 2000 immediately upon arrival in Canada.

Subsequently, US $ 8000 will be paid to students in twelve equivalent installments (12) as monthly living expenses.

Step Four (4): Perform Medical Tests

The candidate must perform a medical checkup by a doctor certified by the Canadian government. You can see the list of the approved panel here >

You will be issued a receipt for medical exams, which will be required when applying for a visa. The medical report will be automatically sent to the visa office.

Step Five (5): Visa Compromises

To submit your visa application, you must submit the following documents according to the SDS Checklist:

  • Visa application form
  • The original passport is valid with a photocopy of the biodata folio.
  • Family information form.
  • Admission offer letter/Acceptance letter issued by the SDS Educational Institute in Canada
  • Use of the Representative Form (IMM 5476)
  • Evidence of Proficiency in the English Language
  • Academic documents
  • Tuition fee Payment of the receipt
  • GIC purchase confirmation
  • Student questionnaire
  • Medical receipts and, certificates, etc.

Step Six (6): Visa Result

Once you get your passport, you will know the result of your Canadian study visa application.

As soon as your Canadian study visa application is approved, you will receive a Letter of Introduction from the Port of Entry (POE). At the same time, students from countries that require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or a temporary residence visa will be issued if necessary.

Electronic Travel Authorization will be linked to your passport. You must travel with the same passport that was used in the application for your study permit. The Electronic Travel Authorization will be valid for five years or until the expiration of your passport, whichever comes first.

Evidence of your finances and the letter of acknowledgment (and any other documents that you have been asked to take) must be presented along with your passport to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) will issue your Canadian study permit and allow you to enter Canada.

Canada student visa requirements to study

Check Requirements Canada student visa, Team World Fellowship Forum organized all the details you need, including rates of the Canadian student visarules for Canada student visa, and many more.

To study in Canada, international students are generally expected to apply for a visa at any Canadian embassy in their home country. But before the visa process, the student have to first apply for admission and obtain an acceptance letter. This letter, along with other documents such as:

  • a valid international passport,
  • proof of financial support,
  • passport photographs will be required during visa processing.

Today, I am going to list these vital documents necessary to obtain a Canadian student visa. Here is a list of the documents you need to apply for a student visa from Canada. In case any of the documents are lacking, your request may be rejected or refused.

1. Letter of acceptance

You have to request and receive an acceptance letter from the school or university where you wish to study. You should request it soon, and it will cost you between $ 80 and $ 120.

2. Legal passport 

You must have a legal passport that guarantees re-entry to the country that issued it.

3. Six passport-sized photographs

You will have to provide six passport-sized photographs.

4. Proof of financial support

You must provide proof that you have enough money to stay throughout your stay in Canada. Such proof may include:

  1. Evidence of a Canadian bank account in your name if you have transferred the money to Canada;
  2. Bank statements for the last four months;
  3. A bank draft in convertible currency;
  4. Proof of tuition payment and residence fees;
  5. Proof of funding paid from Canada in case you have a scholarship.
  6. Letter from your sponsoring person.

If there are currency control measures in your country, you must provide proof that the foreign exchange control authorities in your country will allow you to export funds for all your expenses.

5. Application for study permit completed.

  • You can download the application form here
  • Read the instructions attentively before filling out the form.

6. Evidence of payment of the application fee in a valid format.

7. If you study in Quebec, a valid CAQ.

Click here for more information on this.

8. Letter of explanation

Even if you don’t need a study visa, you may want to request one. If you determine that you want to continue your studies in another program after completing your short-term course (less than six months). You have to add a letter that justifies why you are applying. The letter will notify the visa officer that you understand the options. For example, the letter could say:

‘Dear visa officer,

I would like to have a study visa for three months course in English because I would like to request a program from a Canadian university after finishing the course. “

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