Aspects to consider to study an MBA or other masters abroad

Aspects to consider to study an MBA or other masters abroad

Studying a graduate degree outside your country is an excellent idea. On the one hand, there is the experience of facing a multicultural environment in which new and valuable skills are acquired. If a reasoned decision is made, there is the opportunity to acquire knowledge that may not be available in the teaching of your hometown. Finally, studying at a university of high prestige can definitely change and set the course for your future.

This and other possibilities are presented as something incredible and, when you have excellent academic performance and opportunity, it seems that there is nothing more to think about. The benefits seem to be the only thing in mind. However, each benefit has its cost, and it is important to put the cards on the table.

Studying postgraduate abroad is not a reason to travel

Although knowing new countries is exciting, remember that you are making a professional decision. The university you choose in the country of your choice will determine the results and opportunities that may be presented to you during your studies and as a graduate.

Do not idealize a city; many times the image we have of a place is the impression of a tourist and has little to do with the lifestyle. There will be other times to get to know the country of your dreams, but there is only one postgraduate choice.


How applicable is it that they admit you to a postgraduate degree? How is it possible that they admit you to the program you want? Is the university you choose really a good option?

Deciding to leave is not everything, even if you think that a university is ideal for you; it may be the case that you are not what you are looking for. Many are excited to cover all the details of a new life outside without stopping to think about their real possibilities. What can you offer the university that makes you different from other candidates?

To have a clearer reality, you need to know yourself. Check how your academic performance has been so far, how you have developed in the professional field, and how much of your time you have invested in personal extracurriculars or in benefit to your community. It is also essential to identify where you stand in the informal aspect depending on the requirements of the country you would like to reach to study.

Cost of living

Sometimes you have the fortune of being able to meet your study expenses, and other times we rely on scholarships and financing. Whatever your case, keep in mind that tuition fees are a large part of the expenses, but there are still others equally important to cover. Although you also spend in your hometown, you should consider the extra expenses that can be added to “small differences”:

1. Housing:

If you emigrate alone or as a couple, you will have to seek to rent a room, a flat or a house according to your age and financial possibilities. In the case of moving with your family, you will need more space and therefore pay a larger place. It may be that you now pay a modest place for a good price, but in countries with higher costs, it might be the case that you had to pay large amounts for a really small or distant house.

2. Food: 

This can be kept in several products, but if you go to work while studying or think you spend a lot of time away from home, you may need to eat out. Find out how much a portion of fast food, a menu of the day, or the lunch in the university cafeteria costs.

3. Medical Insurance:

Some prefer to take out large coverage insurance from their country, others upon arrival. The most important aspect is to be aware of the costs of accessing medical care in the destination country and access to medicines. If you suffer from any disease, it is equally important to anticipate this type of situation.

4. Transportation:

There are countries that have really accessible public transportation, in other countries, there may be an equally functional system, but for a higher cost. Some countries in Europe have the option to collect payments to young people, and everything will depend on the age you have and the distances you have to travel daily.

Migratory Documents

Several of those who have migratory access documents as a tourist to some country, consider it easy to leave with that role, wait for the deadline to expire, leave the country, and re-enter. Do not believe in this, in addition to putting yourself and your future professional at risk, it is illegal, and you are violating international rules and agreements.

It is important that you are clear about your student and/or work situation so that you can obtain the appropriate document. Be clear and sincere in your goals, and if you plan to stay to work at the end of your postgraduate course, also learn about the requirements; it is not going to be that you plan a life in a place when it is not viable.

Consider the requirements, costs, and validity of the documents that you have to process.

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