What should I prepare to study in Korea?

What should I prepare to study in Korea?

South Korea to study for, what should I prepare?

1. Knowledge:

As international students, Vietnamese students who want to study at Korean universities do not need to take the entrance examination. However, in order to enter the school, the student’s documents must pass the strict selection process of the admissions committee. Therefore, when planning to study in Korea, you should study hard in high school or university to get a relatively good score.

2. Language:

In recent years, most Korean universities have English and Korean courses. If you want to study a major in Geunte University, you have to study Korean for one year. In the case of a master’s program, few departments teach English except international research. So the university’s entry requirements do not require a topic, but you have to study Korean in Vietnam or study Korean for one year at the university before you enter.

If you speak Korean well, you can easily talk to Koreans and adapt to life quickly.

3. Korean Culture:

The biggest problem for all international students is the cultural impact of leaving home for different learning and living environments. Don’t worry, because Korean culture and Vietnamese culture have many similarities.

  • First, Food Culture:

Koreans have many unique foods and taste very similar to Vietnamese food so that most Vietnamese students can adapt quickly to Korean food. Korean food is made of pork, beef, chicken, and seafood like Vietnam. One important thing is that Koreans eat a lot of spicy foods, which makes it hard for students who cannot eat spicy foods.

  • Second, Lifestyle:

Koreans are considered the most regular and well-trained residents in Asia. You must keep your appointments, always in line, and obey traffic laws. Instead, Koreans are kind and can help foreigners. Another big difference is the study time and working time of Korean compared to Vietnamese. Don’t be surprised if you can start class at 9:00 am, have lunch at 1 pm, and buy a cake at noon.

4. Financially Prepared:

You must be economically secure to avoid any problems during your study. In addition to tuition, textbooks, and tuition, there are fees such as housing, meals, travel, and insurance. Tuition fees for one semester are usually announced on the school’s website, so students can easily calculate their costs. The remaining prices will vary depending on your city of residence and the cost of living for each student. Meals in Korea are cheaper than in Vietnam, but rent is the most expensive. In Seoul, there is a $ 300- $ 500 monthly rent with a washing machine, air conditioning, and basic amenities. If you buy in Seoul, the total cost for a month is $ 500- $ 700. Even if you prepare in advance, surely everyone is very concerned about studying abroad.

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