What should I prepare to research in Korea?

South Korea to examine for, what should I prepare?

1. Understanding:

As global pupils, Vietnamese trainees that wish to study at Korean colleges do not need to take the entry examination. Nevertheless, in order to enter the college, the pupil’& rsquo; s records have to pass the strict choice process of the admissions committee. For that reason, when preparing to study in Korea, you should study hard in senior high school or college to get a fairly excellent score.

2. Language:

Over the last few years, most Korean colleges have English as well as Korean programs. If you wish to study a major in Geunte University, you need to examine Korean for one year. In the case of a master’& rsquo; s program, few divisions show English except worldwide study. So the college’& rsquo; s entry demands do not require a subject, but you have to study Korean in Vietnam or study Korean for one year at the college before you go into.

If you talk Korean well, you can quickly speak with Koreans and also adjust to life swiftly.

3. Oriental Culture:

The greatest trouble for all international trainees is the cultural effect of leaving residence for different understanding and also living environments. Don’& rsquo; t fear, since Korean culture and Vietnamese culture have many similarities.

  • First, Food Culture:

Koreans have many one-of-a-kind foods and also preference really comparable to Vietnamese food to make sure that many Vietnamese pupils can adapt quickly to Korean food. Oriental food is made from pork, beef, hen, and seafood like Vietnam. One essential point is that Koreans consume a lot of hot foods, that makes it difficult for trainees who can not eat zesty foods.

  • Second, Lifestyle:

Koreans are considered one of the most regular and well-trained residents in Asia. You have to keep your appointments, always in line, and follow traffic legislations. Rather, Koreans are kind and also can assist immigrants. One more big distinction is the research time and working time of Oriental compared to Vietnamese. Don’& rsquo; t be stunned if you can begin course at 9:00 am, have lunch at 1 pm, and also purchase a cake at noontime.

4. Economically Prepared:

You should be financially protected to stay clear of any kind of troubles during your research. Along with tuition, textbooks, and tuition, there are fees such as real estate, meals, traveling, and also insurance. Tuition fees for one term are generally introduced on the college’& rsquo; s site, so pupils can easily compute their prices. The remaining prices will vary depending on your city of residence and also the price of living for each trainee. Meals in Korea are less costly than in Vietnam, however rent is one of the most expensive. In Seoul, there is a $ 300- $ 500 regular monthly rental fee with a washing device, air conditioning, as well as fundamental amenities. If you purchase in Seoul, the total price for a month is $ 500- $ 700. Also if you prepare ahead of time, surely every person is very concerned regarding researching abroad.

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