How to apply for a German University?

How to apply for a German University?

The decision to study in Germany is excellent since time abroad can offer many positive experiences and memories. But in the first place, it is necessary to obtain a place in the favorite university in Germany. Positions in German universities are infrequent, and it does not matter if a request is submitted for full studies or only a quarter, the competition is high. Therefore, it is essential to obtain all the information very early and complete all the necessary formalities.

If you wish to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Germany. You need to present your application in the same way as German students, but in most universities, places for international students are rare. There is no basic office for student applications in Germany. So it is necessary to present the application at the university where you want to study. This can be very confusing because there are many different application procedures, depending on the university and the program of study. According to this, it is necessary to meet different admission requirements, stick to different deadlines, and present different types of documentation.

Therefore, the priority is to check the university’s website or call the responsible Director to obtain the most essential information. What requirements must be met, what specialties exist for international students, and what documents must be completed? In this text, a general summary of the application process can be given, but the universities or individual study topics may differ.

Application Process

In the beginning, the difference between study programs with admission requirements and study programs that do not have them should be marked. Programs without admission requirements can be studied without average unique grades or other presumptions. It is still necessary to submit the application and register for formal reasons. The other programs have a limit, after which it is no longer possible to be accepted.

In most cases, the limit is qualifications. With a particular average grade one is taken or not. The NC may vary each year, depending on the number of students who submit applications for the program. It is also possible, in some cases, to improve the individual average if it is not high enough to be accepted. The internships, the finished studies, Social work, or military service, can be added. Depending on the duration of the work and in what area it was exempted, you can push the average score in a few more points. If one is not sure what activity can be added, it is best to ask at the university.

With a real possibility to get the place in the preferred study program. You can start to arrange the arrangement of the application. In any case, it must contain a complete application form from the university and a certified copy of the certificate. International students also need proof of language ability, right of residence, and others. For more information, it is necessary to go to the websites of the universities. The application often starts with an online form, which has to be completed.

The form of exceptional study programs is limited throughout Germany such as the subjects of

  • medicine,
  • dentistry,
  • pharmacy, and
  • veterinary medicine.

For these subjects of study, the application has to be sent to a central office, provides more information. For all other programs, it is necessary to submit the application, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the university or oneself has to request it through the uni-assist. The uni-assist helps international students with their application in Germany but also requires money for the service.

If one only wants to do an exchange program for a quarter, the application must be made with the home university. Frequently, they also provide all the necessary information and offer encounters.


For all requests, it is recommended that they be sent as soon as possible. The deadlines are approximately half a year before the start of the quarter, and in case someone misses the deadline, his or her application won’t be accepted. It is also advisable to send it before the last day, to have enough time to deliver the missing documents.

For those who are looking for information on time, there should be no issue to submit a complete application so that they can wait for their study time abroad.

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