7 Steps to study in New Zealand

7 Steps to study in New Zealand

1. Find out everything

Every great story has a beginning, a first step, a hunch, a desire … a Google search.

You know that you would like to go to study in New Zealand, perhaps it has been your dream for a long time or maybe it is a sudden need to break everything, change course, go far away, learn English at once, travel, change airs … Or all at once.

To go from “I would like” to “I will do it” is a whole process of information and many questions to solve :

  • How much does it cost to dwell in New Zealand?
  • How to go to study in New Zealand?
  • Will I be able to work on my own? 
  • What can I study, where and how much does it cost?
  • Do New Zealanders understand my native language?
  • Will I be able to visit places where the movie «The Lord of the Rings» was filmed?
  • Are there really such incredible landscapes that I see in photos or videos?

Answering all these questions and many more is a basic need for you to make your decision. For all this, search, ask, and compare.

2. Decide and shape your experience

Ok, you’ve already passed the second phase. It doesn’t seem so far and unreal anymore, right? We are talking about your nearest future!

Now you should decide what you want to study, in what school, for how long, how much it will cost you, when you want to leave and how you will be able to combine it with work. If you want to answer all these questions, take a look at these experiences!

Now you can start creating a more clear picture of how your experience will be and stop looking at Instagram photos of people who are there while you imagine that it is you because in time you will be able to upload your own photos!

3. Let’s start with the paperwork and procedures

Clear things: there are always more boring parts but sorry mate, you don’t escape from this and it’s super important. You already have the school and the course. It is time to formalize the registration and make the first payments and paperwork.

This is how it works in New Zealand: in order to obtain your student visa and plant yourself in the Kiwi country, you first need to prove that you are enrolled in a school. Without the registration you cannot apply for a visa, that is to say, fill out papers!

4. Without a visa, there is no paradise

With the registration of your formalized course, you can now apply for your student visa. It costs about 270 New Zealand dollars and will allow you to be in New Zealand for the entire duration of your course plus the vacations you get after school so you can travel around the country.

With the student visa, you can work 20 hours a week and full time on vacation.

5. This is already serious: plane and suitcases

Do you already feel the breeze of the Pacific Ocean …? With your registration and your visa, you can now buy the air ticket to New Zealand and start deciding what you take and what you leave. 

6. Goodbye, mom, Hello New Zealand!

I know, this is where you’re going to cry. Say goodbye to your mother, your dog, your cat, your friends, that person you love so much but can’t put in your suitcase. Cry, hug, do everything you need to close this stage and leave.

You are about to take off: the distance is not so much, it is the symbolic step you take with your life and your dreams. It is important but without dramatizing, that you can always plant yourself back home in 24 hours.

Now, in a few months you will have that feeling that, although you miss your people and your food, little by little your house gets bigger … it’s called the world.

The attachment lasts for a while, then you free yourself and suddenly you are freer and you feel lighter. Say goodbye to your old life, take a deep breath and embrace everything that is to come.

7. The beginning of your new life

It is time to land physically and mentally, locate yourself in your new city, find accommodation, start classes, find work, open the bank account, have a New Zealand phone number to be able to communicate and send photos via WhatsApp to all those groups of friends and family … and save all new contacts! 

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