6 tips to know what to study

Six tips to know what to study

Knowing with certainty what you want to study is difficult if you want to be sure that you have decided well take into account the following tips.

Being clear about your career will help you decide correctly:

  • Your university life will be one of the most important stages of your life, choose correctly!
  • Following these tips, you will arrive at the right decision.
  • Remember that a career is one of the most important factors when choosing the course.

The choice of career is a time of tension for many young people. The fear of making the wrong decision and the impact of this on your future are just some of the most common concerns. Therefore, take into account these 6 tips to know for sure if you have chosen correctly.

1) Be proactive

If you want to know what to study do not let time pass, it will not become simpler and will not come again. You should be interested, find out, see the range of options to make an informed decision. Visit universities, make conversations, talk with career counselors, turn to other students and career professionals that may interest you.

2) Consider what you want to do, not what to study

As a child, we all knew what we wanted to be when we grew up, but along the way, one forgets or begins to think a lot about the answers. Forget for a moment what to study and think about what kind of work you imagine doing, where and under what means. This will help you to understand the academic knowledge you need to achieve your goals. When you know what you want to be, you can determine which career is next to those interests.

 3) Salary is not important

You will know that you have picked correctly if you would be willing not to receive a salary for doing that job. If money is your key motivation, you probably don’t enjoy what you do and are dissatisfied with your choice.

You cannot choose your career based on compensation. In addition, no career is guaranteed a great salary. If you are a good professional, someone who is interested in the way he does his job and does it well, you will be successful and the money will come.

4) It is your decision

Do not allow others to make the decision for you. You can take into account the opinion of your parents and friends, but the decision is ultimately yours. The psychologist Omar Bertacco, from the National University of Córdoba (UNC), Argentina, explains that “the problem is when the person turns influences into a mandate; because they appear as the only way to satisfy desires and be part of the family, to feel identified with parents or even to change history. ” This is not healthy and will not make you happy because you will not be what you want to be. Do not be compared, as this will only depress you. Focus on yourself and what you want.

5) The anxiety of starting to study

Enthusiasm and motivation are good signs. If you feel in the mood to start the study, it is because you are truly satisfied with your choice.

6) Do not wait to start classes

If you’re passionate about what you want to study, you’ll want to know everything and for that, you don’t have to wait for college. Start simply to delve into the subject: if you are interested in photography, take photos; If you want to be a pilot, collect planes, etc.

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