These foreign scholarships are of great use

These foreign scholarships are of great use

The number of youth seeking to pursue foreign higher education is increasing rapidly. However, because of higher education abroad, not everyone can fulfill this dream. However, the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Human Resource Development provides the facility of scholarship or scholarship award given by foreign countries through cultural/educational exchange programs. These countries offer scholarships mostly for the same subjects for which these countries have facilities, and national requirements are also taken into consideration.

Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)

The UK provides scholarships to international students for pursuing postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees in the medical field. It covers many courses in the medical field. These include

  • medicine,
  • cancer research,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • gynecology,
  • neurology and ear,
  • nose,
  • larynx,
  • osteology,
  • dentistry.

Scholarships are awarded for project-related training in higher techniques and methods and are not for the study of generalized training degrees or diplomas. Moreover, the UK offers scholarships in areas such as engineering and technology, science, agriculture.


  • Postgraduate-1 Year
  • Medical Training 6 months
  • Ph.D. 3 years

Who can apply

For this scholarship, applications will generally be accepted from those candidates who are first graduates. In the scholarship, all expenses related to reading and reading, including air travel and other expenses related to living and eating, will also be given.

Qualifications and Experience

Candidates should have completed regional education through English medium. For the master’s degree, 60 percent in humanities and social sciences and 65 percent or more in medicine, engineering, technology, science, and agriculture must have completed a postgraduate degree. Ph.D. should also have the same qualifications as a master’s degree. The academic session in the Commonwealth begins in the month of October.


Japan facilitates scholarship to do a Ph.D. in engineering and technology. Information Technology in Japan, Optical Fiber Communication, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Robotics, Laser Technology, Bio-Technology, Japanese Language and Literature, Fisheries, Japanese Studies, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Aerospace Engineering, Materials For Science / Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering studies given scholarships.

Who can apply

Only those under 35 years will be able to apply for a Japanese scholarship. For the Japanese language and Japanese studies, only students who have completed a master’s degree in the Japanese language from a recognized institution. It is necessary to have at least 60 percent marks in master’s degree. To apply for other subjects, one should have a master’s degree with at least 60% marks in the relevant field. Students who have a bachelor’s degree in science and arts or engineering and have completed 16 years of school and college inclusion are also eligible for the Student Research Scholarship of the Government of Japan. Under the scholarship, the Japanese Government will bear the cost of living, fees, and medical expenses.


18 months to 2 years (maybe extended)


Italy offers scholarships to study in the fields of Fashion Technology, Economics and Management, Italian Language, Information and Communication Technology, Environment and Biotechnology.

Who can apply

Must have passed a university degree and at least one Italian language examination at the university level to do E1 level courses in Italian language and culture. Applicants must be graduate foreign teachers with proven experience of teaching Italian in a foreign language to take courses in Italian language teaching. At the same time, it is necessary to have a university degree for individual university courses. It is necessary to have M.Phil for the doctoral course. The scholarship amount of 700 Euro per month is the course fee, along with living in Italy. The Government of Italy does not offer any international/national package for these scholarships. The candidate will have to pay for the traffic from his / her pocket.


  • Italian language three months
  • Other fields 6 to 9 months


China gives scholarships to study in the fields of Chinese language and literature, fine arts (painting and sculpture), botany, environmental science, plant bridging and genetics, political science, international relations, MBA, silk production, and agricultural science.

Who can apply

Candidate under the age of 40 can apply for a scholarship in China. In order to do a degree in the Chinese language, the candidate should have a certificate or diploma of 2-3 years in a recognized institute of the original Chinese language. Moreover, to get a scholarship in Sculpture and Painting, one should have a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts with 60 percent with two years of work experience. Under the scholarship, living expenses, fees, and out of pocket expenses will be given.


1-4 years

Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship (St. Antony’s College, Oxford) 

The Agatha Harrison Memorial Scholarship is awarded for higher research in Indian history, economics, and political science.

Who can apply?

Any applicant between the age of 30 and 40 years can apply for this scholarship — continuously outstanding academic record with published work related to the Ph.D. degree or equivalent qualification in a related subject. At the postgraduate level, there should be 60 percent marks. Must have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.


One year for the first time, it can be extended for one year.


In Belgium, scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate degrees in the fields of agronomy, environmental science, and photonics.

Who can apply?

Every applicant under 35 years of age can apply for this scholarship. For this, it is necessary to have 60% or more marks in the subject concerned with graduation. Under the scholarship, a monthly grant of 840.00 Euro will be provided during one academic year (10 months). Apart from this, the Belgian government will also bear the cost of fees and health insurance. The candidate will have to pay for the travel expenses from his / her pocket.


Ten months


Mexico offers scholarships for pursuing postgraduate and Ph.D. studies in agriculture, architecture, biotechnology, environmental science, Latin American studies, Spain literature, history, economics, psychology, and geography.

Who can apply

Candidate 26 years of age and less than 30 years can apply for Ph.D. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 65% marks in the subject concerned for postgraduate study. The candidate should have a postgraduate degree with minimum 65% marks in the relevant subject for PhD. 4 DF for enrollment and school fees, monthly maintenance allowance, postgraduate or postgraduate level research as well as post-doctoral visits, medical specialties or sub-specialties, and specialists under the scholarship. Minimum allowance. The current per capita amount is $ 7,888.50. The candidate will have to pay for the traffic from his / her pocket.


1-2 years

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