What students are afraid of when they enter university

What students are afraid of when they enter university

According to an analysis carried out by specialists from the University of La Sabana, insecurity, and time management are some of the most frequent issues faced by the number of students.

For the majority of high school graduates, entering the university is not a comfortable situation. The change in academic and personal routines is usually harsh, and getting used to the rhythm of the undergraduate is a task of several months.

Under this scenario, specialists from the University of La Sabana developed a list of the main issues faced by a student when starting their higher education:

1. Adaptation to the Context:

Adjusting to new schedules, food, and transportation is one of the initial issues.

2. Loneliness and new customs

In the case of international students, facing loneliness and new customs is a complicated obstacle to face.

3. Free time Management:

According to the experts, the majority of new students do not give good use of the so-called ‘holes’. They do not carry out sports or cultural activities.

4. Expenses:

The handling of money in materials, transportation, and food is causing economic issues.

5. Organization of the material of the different subjects:

The majority of new students present difficulties in adapting to the organization of the specific work of the various subjects.

6. Motivation to do independent work:

The subjects and the different contents demand of the extra student work that can consist of research in the library, readings, and independent exercises.

7. Difficulties in cognitive processes:

Some students are easily deconcentrated and have issues when it comes to memorizing and perceiving knowledge.

8. Insecurity about the professional decision:

In some cases, there is no in-depth knowledge about why and for what of the professional choice. The student does not know the subjects, has not made a professional orientation process, and is very afraid of being wrong.

9. Freedom:

It is necessary for students to set limits before the freedom that the university implies. That is to say, that they respect the schedules and they are fulfilled with the assistance to classes.

10. Socialization.

There are issues to develop social skills and the management of emotions in the group, taking into account that these are fundamental for teamwork.

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