Entrance requirements and visa and passport procedures in France

Entrance requirements and visa and passport procedures in France

Entrance requirements and visa and passport procedures in France. To enter France, visit the country or stay there for work, including passport application, must be completed for some stage, more or less long. Steps are very easy for European and Swiss citizens. The entry requirements may vary, depend on the terms and conditions.

Entrance conditions in France

Foreigners may enter France for a few days or a few months. The requirements of the interior vary according to their original country and their motivation. In some cases, their admission can be denied. Here you all need to know about France lives in.

France lives in less than three months

  • European citizens can freely enter and enjoy France for three months. They may be with members of their family or not. There are several reasons for this period of three months: Tourism, Employment, etc.
  • Nationalities of countries outside Europe must have a short stay visa, along with a visa and adventure certificate. Then foreigners can be denied the right to enter French soil in different situations.

Lasts for more than three months

  • Europeans who are European Economic Area or inefficient Swiss members can live freely in France. In France for more than five years after the legal and illegal barrier, they get the right to be live permanently.
  • To stay in France, foreigners must have a valid identity and health insurance. In addition, there are plenty of resources to avoid the burden of the country’s social support system.
  • On the other hand, European citizens are free to work and live in France. Exercise can be non-yearly (depending on public employment) or salary. A residential or work permit is not required. Five years later in France, they also get a permanent right residence.

Get a visa for France

To get a France visa, you should contact the consulate visa department or contact the French Embassy in your original country. Depending on the service, it may be necessary to make an appointment. A large part of the foreigners is required to enter France to get a visa. However, some EU members are states like the European Union and states of Swiss members.

Get Visas in France

To get a visa for France, you must be able to describe the duration and reason for your stay. Short stay visas are for 90 days of 6 months. Thus, they are voluntary volunteers for tourism, business trips, visits, training, international, and payment activities. So long-term visas, therefore, study access, work, private institutions …

To apply for a French visa, you need several documents:

• A right piece of identification
• Travel documents;
• The reason for staying in France
• Housing address;
• Length of stay in France;
• A work permit, if applicable;
• Economy (resources).
A form has to be completed according to the applicable visa type. Documents are originally duplicated. Embassy and consulate do not decide whether or not to visas. The last line differs from one country to another. Nevertheless, it is important to know that the visa is valid only three months after the date. It should be done according to such a scheme. Visa is directly assigned to a national passport. It is necessary for them to do themselves.

Create a passport application

In France, French-style applications are developed in the city hall. French duties abroad apply to the embassy and consulate of the country where they are. The holder’s presence is necessary to perform the effect of the document.

The conditions for a passport request will be fulfilled

  • Those who wish to get a passport must provide a stable document, which contains the original version with a photocopy. The passport amount is then between 96 and 99 euros. Finally, passport applicants must provide proof of address.
  • Request time to get a passport depends on the application location and time. Therefore, this process is better to perform this title several months ago at a specific time before the date of establishment. A passport is valid for ten years. At the end of this period, the visa will be renewed.

To conclude

Europe and Switzerland can freely transfer to France, besides that they are not burdensome for social support systems. So they must definitely benefit from a substantial source of income such as a job or automatic activity in France. Five years later, they get the right to permanent residence. Foreign citizens will have to apply for a visa to temporarily settle and work in France. They can actually go to the French embassy or consulate in their country.

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